Staff awareness and motivation
There is a twofold benefit from making staff aware of utility costs and motivating them to do something about it. Firstly they will be less likely to act in ways which waste energy; secondly, they will be more likely to volunteer suggestions for improved processes and procedures. Both these improvements lead to a lower risk of unexpected excess consumption.

A training programme is a good way to raise awareness because it often aids motivation at the same time (people respond well to their employer taking an interest in them). Poster campaigns and other initiatives will also help; the most important thing is to keep changing the approach. Don't let your posters become 'part of the wallpaper'. Hint: to give your campaigns extra edge, involve people in the development of them. For example, if you are planning a poster campaign you can double its life and impact by starting with a staff competition to devise a slogan and design the posters in the first place.

Don't assume that money is the only motivator; indeed it may be the worst, because cash prizes can sometimes be divisive. Look for a communal benefit, like redecoration of a factory rest area or an outing for some disadvantaged group in your local community. And if you want to find out what kind of rewards and inducements will work best, use the method the professionals use: ask.

Elements of the utility management process
Top-level objectives