Elements of the utility management activity
This page lists (a) the input resources you would normally need, and (b) the processes and procedures which you ought to have in place.
The input resources are:
demand profiles
market intelligence
utility invoices
current contract tariffs
meter readings
degree-day data, production statistics etc
comparative data and yardstick figures
performance targets and specifications
product knowledge
maintenance specifications
design and refurbishment policy
operating standards

The processes and procedures are:
modify patterns of demand
negotiate supply contracts
check utility bills
minimise spend for a given volume
minimise pass-through transportation charges
minimise unit commodity price
obtain refunds and rebates
monitor performance
site surveys and audits
staff suggestion schemes
staff awareness and motivation
utility-conscious maintenance
utility-conscious design
utility-conscious operation
performance benchmarking
maximise underlying efficiency
avoid unexpected excess consumption
minimise risk of foreseeable excess consumption
minimise quantity consumed

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