Suggestion schemes
A well-founded suggestion scheme will generate a flow of ideas for avoiding unexpected excess consumption. However, there are pitfalls, notably the burden placed upon those charged with assessing the suggestions. As much effort (or more) goes into refusing a useless idea as is needed for a good one, and delay in getting a judgment is one of the most common complaints from those who have submitted their ideas. Another problem is the jealousy which can arise when an individual wins a prize for what is seen as an 'obvious' idea, especially if his or her colleagues are subsequently expected to cooperate with changed work practices.

One idea for circumventing these problems is the 'waste watching team'. This allows a group of workers to collaborate developing one idea at a time for submission as a syndicate. The rules must call for the costs and benefits to be fully worked out. Ideally, the team must be allowed protected time for shop-floor meetings and perhaps a budget for expert advice or materials for prototype trials. This approach scores because:

If your maintenance work is contracted out, it will probably be to your advantage to include the contractor's personnel in your suggestion scheme.
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