Information about weather and levels of business activity

In a nutshell, the amount of energy or water consumed by your plant, systems, processes, buildings or vehicles, is dependent on how much work they were called upon to do. It is not possible to monitor their performance in any kind of meaningful way without reference to an appropriate 'determining factor', such as one of the following:

Application                 Determining factor 
Energy-intensive            Product tonnage
continuous process
Resource-intensive          Piece count (?)
batch process
Road haulage                Tonne-miles           
Space heating               Heating degree days
Air conditioning            Cooling degree days
Water in swimming           Number of bathers
It is up to you to decide what are the most appropriate factors for your particular circumstances. Ideally, you should share data which is already being gathered for other purposes such as job costing; otherwise you may have to invent your own measures of activity or demand. The figures you collect must be collected at the same frequency as your meter readings, or more frequently. If you have weekly meter readings, your production and degree-day statistics should be weekly, or they could be daily or even hourly; monthly figures would not suffice.
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