Meter readings and delivery records

There are two main reasons why it is worthwhile keeping your own independent meter readings. One is to ensure that you can verify the quantity invoiced when checking utility bills. The other is to provide essential raw material for monitoring performance.

The meter readings provided on suppliers' invoices are too delayed, too likely to be estimated or wrong, and in some cases too infrequent for effective management of utility consumption. Even moderately large users should be aiming for consistent weekly readings.

Getting accurate meter readings can be a real trial. It is best if one or two people have responsibility for the job and are given training in how to do it properly. It helps considerably if the requisite meters have been surveyed beforehand to establish their location, serial number or other identification, units of measurement, and a reference reading. Some people like to record the number of digits on the meter as well, as this can help in the design of a meter-reading record sheet. It also helps to resolve ambiguities when a meter is suspected of having 'gone round the clock'.

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