Terms and conditions of business

Legal entity: the "Energy Management Register" and "Vesma.com" are services and trading styles of VESMA.COM LIMITED, Pound House, Market Square, Newent, Glos GL18 1PS UK ("the Company").

Privacy policy: the Company is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers, paying subscribers and users of its free services. Sensitive information such as credit-card and banking data is only handled on-line through secure channels and is not stored for longer than is necessary. No personal information is stored other than that necessary for communication in the course of the Company's business. Personal data are never passed to third parties except as is strictly warranted for the fulfilment of services provided to the customer.

Cancellation policy (places on the Company's own advertised training courses): the Company strives to accommodate, in a fair manner, requests for cancellation of booked training places, and will judge each application on its merits. The Company nevertheless reserves the right to charge cancellation fees as follows:

These charges are not penalties: they reflect the costs of abortive work, unrecoverable charges, and profit foregone. Without implying any guarantee the Company will endeavour to reduce cancellation charges by (a) reselling cancelled places, (b) cancelling unwanted venue charges and examination fees, and (c) reducing print orders on course materials. To the extent that these efforts are successful the proceeds will be used to offset the cancellation charge but an administration charge of 50 will retained.
We regret that it is only possible to offer a free transfer to a later course in the case of prepaid places for courses of one day's duration or less, where cancellation is occasioned by illness, accident, bereavement or other such cause. Conflicting appointments, pressure of work and the like may not be cited as justification for cancelling without charge.

Cancellation policy (where the Company acts as agent for another training provider): the cancellation terms of the training provider will apply.

Cancellation policy (subscriptions to data services): the Company strives to accommodate, in a fair manner, requests for premature termination of subscriptions, and will judge each application on its merits. Subscribers must however be aware of certain limitations: (a) in the first year of a subscription the subscriber will have enjoyed access to historical data which is deemed to constitute the major part of the value of the subscription; (b) in the second and subsequent years refunds will only be made on the 'per station' components of the annual charge. The fixed charge element (50 at the time of writing) covers administration costs and is not refundable. Notwithstanding the above, the Company will honour without charge a request to cancel an order where the service ordered has not yet been activated.

Complaints procedure: complaints may be made in writing to the Company's registered address, or by telephone.

The Company's telephone number, email and postal addresses are on our contact page.

Intellectual property rights: unless stated otherwise, all rights in material published by the Company are reserved. Information transmitted to you by the Company is for your use in connection with your or your employer's business and may not be transmitted (for payment or otherwise) to any third party without the Company's express consent.

Where the Company provides a password for access to information, that password must not be disclosed to any third party, since such disclosure would enable infringment of the Company's intellectual property rights. The Company must be informed of any such disclosure (deliberate or otherwise) that comes to light.

11 April 2008; amended 26 April 2010 (see that version); 8 November 2012 (see that version); and 8 July 2014 (see that version); and 1 January 2018