Summary of newbuild criteria under ADL2A.

For newbuild there are five criteria which must be satisfied as summarised with a checklist in Appendix A of ADL2A, and paraphrased as follows

Criterion 1 Achieving an acceptable Building CO2 Emission Rate (BER). The BER calculated using the National Calculation Method must be no greater than the Target Emission Rate (TER) which is the emission rate for a notional building compliant with 2002 Part L and reduced by a stated percentage (28% for air conditioned offices). See ADL2A paragraphs 19-26.

Criterion 2 Limits on design flexibility. These resemble elemental standards and are included to provide a quality back-stop in key areas, including U-values, air permeability, energy meters, air handling plant efficiency, duct leakage, insulation, lighting system efficiency. See ADL2A paragraphs 27-58.

Criterion 3 Limiting solar gains in summer. Where there is no cooling, total gains including solar and internal gains are limited (to 35 W/m2) and it must be shown that there will be no more than a reasonable number of hours per year above 28C. See ADL2A paragraphs 59-62.

Criterion 4 Quality of construction and commissioning. The Building Emission Rate must be recalculated as constructed with any design changes and using measured permeability. The commissioning process must be signed off, for example with reference to CIBSE Commissioning Code M and leakage testing of ductwork. See ADL2A paragraphs 63-80).

Criterion 5 Providing information. Information must be provided on fixed building services, their features and intended operation. One way to show compliance is by following the CIBSE Building Logbook Toolkit TM31. See ADL2A paragraphs 81-83.