Procedure for establishing an acceptable Building CO2 Emission Rate (BER)

The actual building energy use is calculated and converted to CO2 emissions using stated carbon factors to give the Building Emission Rate (BER). The energy use and carbon emissions of the notional building (an equivalent building just compliant with the 2002 Regulations Part L) is also calculated and then reduced by 20% (or only 15% for naturally ventilated buildings) and then by a further 10% (nominally for renewables) to produce the Target Emission Rate (TER). The actual Building Emission Rate (BER) must be no higher than this TER.

The building energy use of the actual and notional buildings must be calculated using the EU Directive-compatible National Calculation Method which means either the Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) or other accredited software. In either case the official definitions of activity areas and standard usage profiles must be employed - these are already fully integrated into the official SBEM software.