Information and support for energy savers

This conference on 11 May in Birmingham will interest hotel proprietors, their energy and environmental specialists, and consultants active in the sector. Among other topics it will cover how to motivate the everyday, non-eco-aware guest not to be wasteful with heating, hot water, air conditioning and lighting. Click here for details and booking or download a leaflet.

Energy management training

We provide open training courses in energy management ranging from the introductory Energy efficiency A to Z to the flagship international qualification Certified Energy Manager, and including the highly-acclaimed specialist workshops Transport energy assessment and Energy monitoring and targeting. These can also be provided as in-house tutorials.

For those who need a basic primer we provide a free on-line course Basic science for energy managers and there are a few short videos.

Please click here for current forthcoming programme.

The "Energy efficiency A to Z" course includes playing with a thermographic camera

Energy monitoring and targeting

Vilnis Vesma is a leading expert on the analysis and interpretation of energy consumption data. He regularly provides training on monitoring and targeting (M&T) in the UK and has run courses in Hong Kong, Colombia, Chile, the USA, and various European countries. He has authored two government advisory guides on the subject and developed a range of M&T software including the free XSD Nano small-scale M&T scheme, an introduction to which can be seen here.

He still works as a specialist adviser actively implementing M&T schemes in commerce, industry and the public sector.

The 'heatmap' technique for portraying half-hourly histories of energy consumption is powerful and popular

Degree-day data

One of the keys to managing energy in buildings is the ability to relate fuel consumption to the weather. Monthly and weekly degree-day statistics enable this by summarising the variation in outside air temperature and we have provided these figures both free of charge and on subscription since 1992. Free data are available through the website of our newsletter The Energy Management Register

Links to relevant articles about degree-day data are on this page


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